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Supplied Titanium Grade 11 Fasteners to Chemical Power Plant , Turkey

if you are looking for Steel fasteners that meet standard for your project in Turkey ? We have a large selection of Steel Fasteners to meet your requirements.Steel Tubes India is the Only Company in India which is Winner of All India Award for Export Excellence for 6 consecutive years 2006-07 to 2013-14

Steel Tubes India is GOVT. OF INDIA RECOGNIZED STAR EXPORT HOUSE, Steel Tubes India is PED Certified Manufacturer of Special Steel Fasteners in High Temprature alloys like Steel Fasteners. we are specialised in manufacturing of socket cap screws, square plate washers, bolts and nuts in Steel. Our range of bolts includes high strength friction grip bolts and indented foundation bolts. All of these products can be manufactured in different grades of material and various coatings, zinc, galvanised and many more...

Orders at Steel Tubes India are guaranteed fast delivery of the Steel Fasteners, in the Turkey . The main reason being we have an excellent warehousing and storage facilities for both finished and semi finished goods.They are made ready as per the urgent requirements of the customers.


Steel Fasteners Ready Stock At Steel Tubes India

Type Of Steel Bolts Available At Best Price In Turkey :

 Hex Head Bolt
 Socket Cap Screw
 Carriage Bolt
   Flange Bolt
   Elevator Bolt
   Lag Bolt
   Stove Bolt
   Tap Bolt
   Machine Bolt
   Grub Screw
   Set Screw
   Shoulder Bolt
   Anchor Bolt
   Eye Bolt
   Plow Bolt
   Draw Bolt
   Hanger Bolt
   Step Bolt
   U Bolt
   J Bolt


Type Of Steel Nuts Available At Best Price In Turkey :

 Hex Nuts
 Heavy Hex Nut
 Cap Nut
 Coupling Nut
 Square Nut
 Castle Nut
 Flex Lock Nut
 High Nut
 K Lock Nut
 Serrated Flange Nut
 Flange Lock Nut
 Nylon Lock Nut


 Slotted Nut
 2 Way Lock Nut
 Custom Nut
 Acorn Nut
 Wing Nut
 Jam Nut
 T Nuts


Type Of Steel Screws Available At Best Price In Turkey :

 Self Drilling Screw
 Machine Screw
 Particle Board Screw
 Self Tapping Screw
 Concrete Screw
 Chipboard Screw
 Thread Rolling Screw
 Roofing Screw
 Construction screws
 Thread Cutting Screw
 Drywall Screw
 Coach screws / Lag screw
 Wood Screw
 Euro Screw
 Collated Screw
 Furniture Screw
 Cap Screws
 Thumb & Wing Screws
 Sems Screw


Type Of Steel Washers Available At Best Price In Turkey :

 Plain / Flat Washer
 Spring Washers
 Dome Washer
 Dome Tooth Washer
 Countersunk Washer
 Tooth Lock Washer
 Ogee Washer
 Hex Washers
 Split /Lock Washer
 Hexagonal Washer
 Square Washer
 Dock Washer
 Customized Washer
 Fender Washer
 Tab Washers


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